Our Focus as a Charity

We support foster children and vulnerable youth because we believe every child should belong to a family and grow with love, respect, and security. The statistics show that we as a society are failing our children. SOS BC effectively meets the needs of those vulnerable youth who are the key to our future.

In British Columbia there are over
children who do not live with their biological parents

children are in foster care in our

children are in the home of a
relative or in kinship care

children are on youth agreements in

In Canada there are over
children in out-of-home care (foster, treatment centres, shelters).

  • In British Columbia
    of children in care
    are Aboriginal

  • However, only
    of the general child
    population is Aboriginal

  • Of youth in care, only
    will graduate within 2 years of expected graduation date

  • More than 1 in 3 or
    will become involved with
    the justice system

7A child in foster care in Canada faces the following hardships on average: A child in care will move 7 homes (7 families, 7 schools, 7 neighbourhoods, 7...)

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Our Blog

July 6, 2018 by Douglas Dunn:
Happy Friday - "Explore Create Connect"
The theme for this week, Explore Create Connect!

It always truly amazes me how connected we really are. Take for instance our wonderful summer student Sinead. Of all the applicants she stood out, not just for her bountiful red hair, but her quiet mature attitude and willingness to explore. No sooner had she started with us did we find out, oh she knows Mona, our summer student from last year who did such a brilliant job helping us gain COA accreditation that we’ve kept her on staff. Then conversations happened, and viola, Sinead made a connection between SOS and her...


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