Accreditation 2017 Work Plan

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Step 1: Organization Strategic Plan (2016-2020)

SOS Children's Village BC’s Management Team and Board of Directors started this process last year by working on the goals and the strategic direction of the organization for the next four years. The new strategic plan was developed by the Management Team and shared with individual teams for input and feedback. The final step included approval by SOS BC’s Board of Directors.

Step 2: Policy and Procedures Review

Each of the Managers were assigned a standard to review and to assess our practices, policies, and procedures against current COA standards which include:

Administration and Management Standards (promote sound organizational operations and accountability) in the following areas: 
Ethical Practice; Financial Management; Governance; Human Resources; Performance and Quality Improvement; Risk Prevention & Management

Service Delivery Administration Standards are related to the administration of services: 
Administrative & Service Environment; Behaviour Support and Management; Client Rights; Training and Supervision

Service Standards under Child, Youth, and Family services include: 
Family Preservation & Stabalization Services; Counselling, Support & Education Services which include all our community programs and workshops.

Step 3: Preparation of Narratives

The Narrative includes a series of questions which provide an opportunity for SOS BC to discuss key practices that can demonstrate substantial compliance with the standards. Each question in the Narrative addresses a specific aspect of practice.

Step 4: Stakeholder Surveys

Organizations are required to invite their stakeholders to complete the surveys six months prior to their scheduled site visit. Stakeholder Surveys are used by COA Peer Reviewers to learn how key stakeholders (staff, clients, community partners, and funders) perceive our organization and experience its services. They are an important source of evidence that peer reviewers use when determining the ratings for many standards.

Step 5: Submission of Preliminary and Full Self-Study

Complete information on our organization containing a variety of documents to include: SOS BC Strategic Plan; Annual Operational Plans; Risk Management and Behaviour Support Management Plans; Narratives; Policies and Procedures; Results from Stakeholder Surveys; Administrative Forms; Annual Report; Financial Report; Tools for Assessment and measuring Client Outcomes; Training Curriculum and Records etc. show evidence of implementation of COA standards.

Step 6: Site Visit by COA Peer Reviewers

COA Reviewers conduct on site activities such as examine our various sites and on-site documents such as Board & Management Meeting Minutes; Financial Records; HR Records; Client Records; Training Records; Maintenance and Inspection Records as well as conduct interviews with our Managers, Board of Directors, Front-line Staff and Clients.

Step 7: Pre-Commission Review Report and Organization’s Response

After our site visit, we will receive a Pre-Commission Review (PCR) report, which summarizes the most important findings from the site visit. The PCR is our site visit report and identifies only those standards that require a response and/or corrective action in order for our organization to achieve accreditation. The PCR also includes detailed recommendations that our organization can use to respond to and correct any standards for which the Peer Team did not observe evidence of implementation. The report and our agency’s response are sent to COA’s Accreditation Commission for review.

Step 8: Accreditation Commission Review

The Accreditation Commission reviews the report and our response to the report and makes a decision to accredit our organization, request additional information or deny accreditation.

Step 9: Final Accreditation Report (FAR) 

 A Final Accreditation Report details our organization’s strengths and areas for improvement. This report is sent to us within 45 days of formal notification of our accreditation. It does not affect our accreditation status and is intended to serve as a guide in strengthening non-critical areas.



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