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Douglas Dunn, M.B.A., C.F.R.E.
Executive Director
604.574.2964 ext. 102

I am committed to improving the quality of life for the youth of British Columbia and I have spent the last seven years working with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Fraser Valley, B.C. Council for Families and several other child focused social welfare organizations in that pursuit. 

I consider myself an entrepreneur having started my first company at age 11. I have been active in the not-for-profit sector as a development expert for over 30 years. As a Rotarian as well as founder, director and member of over 30 non-profits, I have been active in a diverse range of organizations ranging from the Fine & Performing Arts to E-Commerce.

Why I love SOS: “The opportunity to work with SOS Children’s Villages BC was irresistible. I am delighted to join the SOS team and embrace their community driven focus which is making such a significant contribution to changing the lives of foster children and vulnerable youth in BC.” 


Helen Novaindah
Finance & Administration Assistant
604.574.2964 ext. 101

Before immigrating to Canada in 2016, Helen obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. She has 10 years of experience in human resources and was involved in a therapy program for children with learning disabilities.

She volunteered in the youth ministry at her hometown church. Her focus was developing programs to optimize youth’s potential physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Helen was introduced to SOS BC through a practicum program from Vancouver Community College. She was drawn by the SOS vision, and the compassion and continuous efforts that all of the staff have been giving to SOS kids. She gladly joined as Finance & Administration Assistant.

Why I love SOS: “I believe that every child is created of great value, and deserves to be loved, and everyone should take part in loving them. At SOS BC, I see staff working diligently to help the children – something that I've missed doing. Having witnessed that, somehow I feel at home.” 


Raymonde Delisle
Finance Officer

Raymonde is our dedicated Finance Officer. She runs her own accounting business and has been involved in the field for over 20 years. Raymonde’s compassion for children in need has kept her loyal to SOS BC for 15 years now. Away from work, Raymonde loves to tend to her garden, enjoy her grandsons and cook passionately for her family.




Kistie Singh, B.A., B.Ed.
Village Director

Village Director Kistie Singh has been involved with SOS BC since 2012. In the 5 years she has worked for the organization, she has transitioned from an education focus to overseeing the operations, programs, and child protection practices at the Village. Kistie is deeply involved with the youth and children who live in, or are involved with, the SOS BC campus located in Surrey. She understands that it takes one adult - one caring individual - to help children in care, and who are vulnerable in the community, to understand that they are full of potential and deserve love and acceptance.

Her career at SOS has led to promising international relationships with national associates in North America and Europe. Kistie has had the opportunity to work on a 4 month youth research project at the SOS International office in Innsbruck, Austria. This later led to the development of the Youth Housing Year Intensive program, as well as the completion of a three year evaluation of youth programs at SOS BC and the impact these programs have made for former youth in care.

Regardless of what project, what priority, or advocacy, Kistie works towards ensuring children and youth feel safe, are collaboratively involved in their self development, and have their needs met as young children and youth that are a part of the SOS BC community, and of our greater society.

Why I love my job: "I love my job because I know I'm making a difference in the lives of kids who see me every week. To know that I've helped someone get through a hardship, whether it be school or in their social and home lives, I'm grateful knowing I've helped students understand, develop, and grow. Knowing you made a difference and you were able to be that beam of support when a student most needed you has been humbling and I am rewarded when students eagerly run into class ready to start our session with huge smiles on their faces."


Sheena Ram
Youth Worker, Neurofeedback Technician
604.574.2964 ext. 109

Sheena Ram is currently working for SOS Children's Village BC as a Child and Youth Care Worker and Neurofeedback Technician.

She has worked in the non-profit community for 13 years, supporting individuals with a wide variety of disabilities.

Why I love my job: "I enjoy helping people. I hope to share my energy and passion to live life to the fullest. To challenge our inner self in all areas of life. To support the children and youth within our communities to grow and strive for their personal best. My goal is to continue planting seeds along the way, guiding our children and youth along their personal journeys."


Farah Collier
Village Case Manager & Coordinator

I decided to go back to college when I turned 50, and get my diploma as a social service provider. I was always drawn towards marginalized individuals, but I did not know in what capacity I wanted to serve them, until I immersed myself in volunteer work.

I had the good fortune of doing some of that volunteer work at SOS Children’s Village BC, partly due to my sister Shelina working as office manager. When it came time for choosing a practicum site last year, I requested working at the Village with SOS. I had previously volunteered on the administration side of things, and with the SOS Children's Holiday Gala and Gingerbread Village, but I really wanted to work with the caregivers, and be hands on with the youth.

After completing my practicum at the Village, I was given a position as a Neurofeedback Technician, and have just been accepted as the new Case Manager/Coordinator of SOS Children’s Village. I have worked and volunteered in the non-profit community for most of my adult life, and I am excited about starting out this new chapter.

Why I love my job: "I love my job because I am passionate about everything I do with the amazing kids and families I get to collaborate with. I feel blessed and privileged that I may help make a difference in the lives of the people that see me, and I believe in the strengths of all the youth within our communities. Hearing the children laugh is the best part of my day, and I am honoured to be a small part of their development."


Mikhaila Barnsdale, Dipl. Aboriginal CYC
Transition to Adulthood (TTA) Outreach Youth Worker
604.574.2964 ext. 109

Mikhaila Barnsdale is currently working for SOS Children’s Village BC as an Outreach Youth Worker in the Transition to Adulthood program. The TTA program incorporates life-skills training, one-to-one counselling and emotional support and wellness. Mikhaila’s past connection with youth began many years ago at a summer camp and have since grown to supporting local communities and providing outreach services to youth within the Surrey, White Rock, and Cloverdale areas.

In April 2015, Mikhaila graduated Douglas College with a diploma in Aboriginal Child and Youth Care Counselling. Since then, she has continued her educational journey and will be receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Care in June 2017. When not involved in her studies, Mikhaila takes time for her own self-care and wellness, where she enjoys activities such as cooking and baking, swimming, and singing, to name a few.

Why I love my job: "I love my job because it allows freedom to grow and learn. My position supports youth to succeed and discover their own strengths. This position allows me to support youth in all areas of their lives (emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual). Being a youth worker also allows time for self-reflection and inward thought. Lastly, the feelings that accompany a youth’s breakthroughs are spectacular, and ones that will impact both the youth and the practitioner for years to come."


Megan Joseph
Transition to Adulthood (TTA) Outreach Youth Worker
604.574.2964 ext. 109

I was a youth who faced many barriers in my life - it was hard but after everything I broke the cycle of alcohol and drug abuse in my family. I was the first girl in my family to graduate from college in 2015. I completed the Social Services Worker - Youth Specialist program, even with losing my father mid-school-year to drug abuse, it only made me work harder towards my goals. I was determined to break the cycle for my younger siblings.

I've raised my youngest sister for 5 years now, and do have permanent custody of her. I got into this field because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of youth. Before I went to school, I worked for Immigration Canada as a youth intern and although I loved my job there it had to end because I ended up with my youngest sister in my care. I took it as a blessing and sat back and asked myself what do I want to do and realized although I did love my job I didn't feel like I was making that difference in the world, which brought me to college. I had many worries because I did not graduate high school but nonetheless for the most part I was top of my class.

When I was done I did my practicum at Watari as a assistant youth worker and I truly loved it, I knew this was my calling. I did not have the experience to become a youth worker right away so I did a handful of relief jobs that gave me the experience and led me to my now youth worker job at SOS BC.

Why I love my job: "SOS is my dream job, everything I've done in my lifetime has led me right here - the barriers I faced with education - I was built for this job! I love all the opportunities that are there for the SOS youth of today and tomorrow. I love the support that they have for their staff here, so we can better serve our youth! I love that once you become a SOS child you're always an SOS child. This sits well with me big time. Just because you age out doesn't mean the help should stop. I also believe it takes a community to raise a child and we are that COMMUNITY!"



Parent Driven Autism Services

Doug West, M.A., DVATI, R.C.C.
Manager of Autism Services
Clinical Counsellor, Neurofeedback Practitioner
604-574-2964 ext. 106

Doug has been working with individuals who have Autism Spectrum Disorder, anxiety, ADHD and other mental health challenges since 2005. He leads and mentors staff who implement programs and has a strong knowledge of disorders usually first diagnosed in childhood. Doug has a passionate interest in neuroscience and the brain’s ability to change itself. He provides neurofeedback in conjunction with counselling, art therapy, and cognitive remediation.

Doug is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors. He is an Advanced NeurOptimal Trainer and Western Canada Representative for Zengar. Doug has been working with children and families since 1991 and has a wealth of experience in Program Management and Service Coordination for individuals who have behavioural and mental health challenges. He has worked with the Vancouver and Surrey School Districts, as well as several large private and public organizations in the Greater Vancouver Regional District.

Doug loves his job because it involves helping challenged individuals acquire the skills they will need in order to be successful in reaching their goals and dreams. 


Mark Kerr, B.A.
Behaviour Consultant
604.574.2964 ext. 106

Mark Kerr is a passionate educator and leader in every aspect of his job. Whether he is teaching, coaching or working directly with clients, Mark brings an immense amount of knowledge, compassion, and energy to his work.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with Distinction from Simon Fraser University, as well as numerous certificates in Applied Behaviour Analysis and Crisis & Suicide Prevention training, just to name few. Mark is also currently working on his Master’s Degree in Psychology at the University of British Columbia. Mark has been involved in the world of ABA and autism for nearly a decade. He has acquired a vast amount of direct experience in delivering quality programming to families and communities alike.

Why I love my job: "I love working with children and their families to create lasting change. My personal values are aligned with the mission of SOS and I am truly grateful to be a part of that positive change."


Nicole Bradley Duncan, M.A., R.C.C.
Counsellor, Neurofeedback Technician
Abbotsford PDAS Location
212-34334 Forrest Terrace
604.574.2964 ext. 106

Nicole is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with a Masters in Professional Counselling and brings much life experience and empathy to her practice. Combined with clarity and compassion, she is dedicated to empowering people to heal and make the changes they are seeking. One of her main areas of focus is in neurofeedback; this work has tremendous results for many people who are overcoming trauma, long-term illness, and ongoing conditions that need continued support.

Nicole finds it a great privilege to work together with individuals, couples, and families who are at various crossroads looking for new, healthy ways to experience life. Her passion is to listen deeply and help make authentic changes from where they are to where they want to be.

Why I love my job: "Families are complicated...SOS BC has a deep understanding of the vital ingredients to help children navigate through life's complications with love, support, and stability. SOS has an unwavering commitment to see children in our foster care system heal and succeed. I love being part of an SOS team that is filled with purpose and it is a privilege to be working together to help others."





Frauke Reddick, B.Sc., DVATI
Art Therapist
604.574.2964 ext. 107

Frauke obtained her diploma in Art Therapy in 2006 and started working with children and families at SOS Children's Village BC the same year. She enjoys facilitating creative projects at the village such as painting murals and making Christmas crafts, but spends most of her time conducting individual expressive therapy sessions with children from the village and the community.

Frauke works with children and their care-givers to foster potential and address the emotional and cognitive challenges they may be experiencing.

Frauke loves her job with SOS because of the many warm-hearted individuals she works with and encounters every day.








Rose Hamilton, B.Sc. Hons
Community Partnerships & Donor Stewardship
604.574.2964 ext. 112

Rose’s career spans over two decades of strategic partnership development, sustainable economic development, and project and policy development, negotiation, and implementation. She has also worked in public relations, media, and management consulting in Canada, Europe, and the USA. Clients have included national, regional, and municipal governments and agencies, non-profits, First Nations and Native American tribes, multi-cultural & education programs, as well as tourism, conference & events, and political grassroots organizations.

Rose has partnered with key players, navigating major historical changes. Examples include: economic and cultural integration of former East-bloc countries with the European Union; economic shifts after the events of 9/11; First Nations & Native American communities in processes of community health and cultural recovery. Her community involvement has included paralegal support for refugee families, workshops on nutrition for special needs children, and fundraising for arts organizations. She is a musician and qualified holistic nutritionist.

Rose deeply values the resourcefulness and knowledge of everyone around her, generating sustainable, collaborative, and consensus-based results. Her mission is to ensure that each stakeholder can contribute their best effort and practices in an atmosphere of trust, respect, and safety.

Why I love my job: “I have a fierce passion for seeing that EVERY kid has support and encouragement for whoever they are and whatever they want to be. I was brought up with the Native American wisdom that “what we do is what we teach”. Here at SOS Children’s Village BC I get to fulfill that passion through that life teaching. Every day I witness the miracles of love and courage in this place. It is such a privilege to be a member of this deeply dedicated and immensely qualified team. That they like my baking and laugh at my wacky jokes simply seals the deal!” 


William Brennan, B.Comn.
Manager of Communications
604.574.2964 ext. 104

William has worked in the non-profit sector since graduating from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Communications, minoring in Geography. Starting as the summer student for SOS BC in 2007, William has remained a part of the organization ever since, transitioning into a volunteer after that position ended. He managed all website updates and the launch of SOS BC's first e-newsletter, even while living in London! From 2008 to 2012, William was Development Coordinator at the Vancouver Symphony. In 2013, he was hired full-time by SOS BC.

William likes travelling - his last adventure was six months living abroad in London, England and exploring different areas of the United Kingdom, Belgium, and the Netherlands. He has been to Santa Monica multiple times and wishes to make it his second home. William was thrilled to become a first time homebuyer in 2016, something he never imagined he would be able to do in Metro Vancouver!

William has a passion for hiking, blogging, web surfing, rollerblading, TV shows, and moviegoing. In the summer of 2012, he conquered The Lions with his sister, fulfilling a childhood dream. He enjoys playing video games and spending time with his much younger brother who is in Grade 10. William resides in Coquitlam and supports progressive issues.

Why I love my job: “Having a stable and supportive family is so important in shaping a child's happiness and future, and being part of a charity that recreates this dynamic through the Village model for foster children is a great privilege. Having grown up in North Vancouver and lived in the region my whole life, it's exciting to be part of the only SOS Children's Village in Canada - B.C. always blazes its own path.” 


Amanda Schaffner
Development & Community Relations Coordinator
604.574.2964 ext. 103

Amanda is not unfamiliar with foster children or the social services structure, as growing up it was not uncommon to have foster children sharing in her home life. Her mother was a Child & Youth Care Worker and as Amanda began her own working career, she implemented herself into the administrative support of Nisha Family & Children’s Services surrounded by children and youth in need from Independent Living Programs, an in-house alternate school, and other various programs available within the organization. 

Her understanding, compassion, and frustration of the difficulties faced with these youth kept her deeply knit into continuing working within the sector - even after 10 years when she moved to Ontario she continued her career at Family & Children’s Services of the Waterloo Region where she assisted in implementing a new intake program. It was important to her knowing the struggles that children and families faced, that community resources and essential information were more widespread and obtainable. This project became a Resource Library that was widely embraced and used to distribute information.

Amanda has also taken on many other roles in her career that has shaped her overall skillset, which brought her to SOS BC. With over 20 years background in client services, administrative support, volunteer coordination, and project management - both in non-profit sectors and for-profit -she will be utilizing her abilities to assist SOS in their Development needs.

On a personal note, she is a prideful Aunt to well over 15 children! She volunteers at the Horse Protection Society of BC and in her spare time runs a small business whipping up natural body butters and scrubs.

Why I love my job: "I believe SOS Children’s Village BC is doing something successfully amazing that has never been done and the direction of growth is compelling. I find value in all our children and their tomorrows and I’m happy I can be just a small part of it!"


Heidi Trautmann
Grants Officer

Heidi and her family immigrated to Canada in 1983. Heidi was educated in Germany in Business Administration (equivalent to a BA in Canada), and completed the Master Trade education in Fur, Leather & Textile Art. She acquired a Legal Secretary Diploma after arriving in Canada.

Heidi and her husband Reiner worked and enjoyed the Northern lifestyle for six years in the communities of Aklavik and Tuktoyaktuk in the Northwest Territories. They developed the standards and implemented a Canada-wide recognized apprenticeship program at Aurora College-Inuvik Campus, in the High Arctic.

Heidi has worked for the last 21 years in the not-for-profit sector. She enhanced and started social enterprises, developed business plans, and followed her passion of writing proposals. In her spare time she enjoys skiing, fishing, hunting, gardening, canning, and baking.

Why I love my job: "SOS Children’s Villages had been part of my life growing up in Germany and Austria. As a child, I am thankful to have experienced the joy of giving when we shared our Christmas gifts with the children at SOS Kinderdorf. Now the circle is closing and I have the opportunity to be part of a great team enriching the lives of vulnerable youth and children. I deeply believe in the philosophy of: Every child deserves a safe and loving home."





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