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If The Dress Fits...

A couple came in one beautiful sunny day, and the gentleman was happy to pick out a dress for his lovely partner... problem was the dress... not one of the "best" designs ever created... guess that's why it was donated!! In any case, she was happy to accomodate but then she decided to choose quite the DRESS for HIM. They paraded the store in their dresses for all to see... quite the show and all for free!

Thanks but No Thanks!

Working in thrift we see a wide variety of donated treasures – occasionally we receive ones that we really can't use!!

A gentleman called one morning saying he had a couch to donate and would we like it... Our SOS volunteer responded "that would be lovely" and asked how big it was and if it was in good condition he could drop it off. Well, the couch arrived and it looked great until it was removed from the van... the donor had sawed it in half so it would fit in his vehicle!!!!! The volunteers were stunned and responded that our thrift store could not sell it or accept it in this kind of condition. Well... unfortunately, the donor became very annoyed and said all we had to do was glue it back together and took off, leaving us to deal with the disposal of this unusual donation.

It Takes a Village


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