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Free Programs for Foster Children and At Risk Youth

Due to high demand, we currently have a waitlist for our free programs

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Fee for Service - Available to Anyone - $95/hr

No waitlist

Revenues generated from the Fee for Service programs go towards funding the free programs we offer to foster children and at risk youth


Vulnerable children and youth, such as those in foster care, often have amazing talents which need to be encouraged and developed. Each kid comes with a unique set of life experiences, and so the plan for their development has to be based on understanding those needs. All too often they don't receive the same opportunities as kids who get to grow up with their bio-parent.

Everyday life can present enormous difficulties for kids in foster care to overcome. They often feel like they don't belong, can't learn, and aren't successful. They are at risk of emotional disturbances, delayed social development and poor educational performance.

SOS BC aspires to enrich the life of every child and family we get involved with. We want kids to navigate successfully through life, so we provide a host of activities and programs that we consider necessary for their positive development.


Check out, a public awareness and recruitment site featuring the real and moving stories of foster families around the province of BC, so that prospective foster parents can better understand the challenges, and many rewards, of opening their homes to a child or youth in care.






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